SEO Promotion Case Study for an Online Door Store

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The e-commerce sector is rapidly evolving, evident from the increasing number of companies launching their businesses online. The growth of online offerings is tied to the fact that a majority of consumers, specifically 3 out of 4, make purchases and order services online. This trend extends to doors for various types of spaces. Choosing products on websites is convenient, saving time, and the high-quality content published on web pages helps gather valuable information about selection, care, and installation, allowing users to explore decor options and find a suitable interior match.

However, for online businesses to thrive, grow, and reach a larger audience, it is essential to develop a reliable online door store. In this article, we will discuss how to create an effective and revenue-generating online platform. One such platform is - CMSDK.

The website's optimization for top positions in the thematic niche for door sales and related products proved to be successful.

Our team achieved a twofold increase in the online store's traffic and a growth in the number of key queries ranking in the top 3 on Google.

The online door store we collaborated with in this project featured a diverse range of entry and interior door models. Buyers had the option to choose products with basic or enhanced technical specifications, along with almost any installation method.

Collaborating with well-known manufacturers allowed our client to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. Besides doors, the online store also provided additional items such as hardware for installing door structures.

A distinctive feature of this company was the offering of additional services to customers, including door repairs, measurements for door openings, and installation of door structures.

Our goal was set—to conduct SEO promotion for the website and elevate it to the top positions for key search terms.

Client's Goals and Strategic Objectives

Among the primary goals set by our client, the following were highlighted:

  1. Internal optimization of the website.
  2. Website redesign, including the addition of a blog section focused on doors, and filling the site with unique content.
  3. Achieving top rankings for high- and medium-frequency search queries within six months of work.

SEO strategy

To address these goals, a comprehensive strategy was devised, encompassing various aspects of website improvement and search engine optimization. The internal optimization aimed at enhancing the overall performance and user experience of the web resource. The redesign involved not only visual improvements but also the incorporation of a blog section dedicated to doors, providing valuable and engaging content for visitors. The focus on unique content creation was intended to make the site more appealing to both users and search engines.

The pivotal aspect of the strategy was the concerted effort to propel the website into the top positions for both high- and medium-frequency search queries. This involved meticulous keyword research, on-page optimization, and continuous monitoring and adjustment of the SEO tactics employed. The six-month timeframe set for achieving these goals added a sense of urgency, prompting a proactive and efficient approach to the implementation of the overall strategy.

By aligning these goals with a strategic plan, our team aimed to not only meet the client's expectations but also to exceed them, fostering the long-term success and visibility of the online door store in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape.

Our Strategy

Competitor Analysis and Development of Internal Website Optimization Strategy

Thematic niche research revealed that our client's website had an outdated design and lacked sufficient content. To secure top positions in search results and effectively compete in the market, attention needed to be directed towards these aspects. Among the tasks planned for internal optimization were:

  1. Addressing technical deficiencies.
  2. Redesigning the online store.
  3. Building an extensive semantic core.
  4. Generating new content.
  5. Adding meta tags, configuring interlinking, and other related tasks.

By focusing on these areas, we aimed to enhance the website's overall performance, improve its search engine visibility, and establish a competitive edge in the market.

External Optimization

To elevate the website to the top of search results, it was essential to enhance the online resource's authority through an augmentation of its link profile. The improvement of this parameter would have a direct impact on the site's ranking in search engines.

External Optimization SEO

Our Solution

Step 1

Refined the Semantic Core of the Website Taking into consideration the nature of the company's activities and the analytical data obtained, the structure of the website was carefully developed and expanded. Our specialists introduced around 100 new categories.

Following this, the semantic core (SC) was formulated, with queries gathered from various sources: Google AdWords, search suggestions, overall site visibility, and competitor phrases. Key queries were categorized into semantic groups, and a relevant landing page was assigned for each query.

Step 2

Enriched Website Pages with Content Based on a comparative analysis of competitor sites in the top 10, the optimal number of key queries for each page, their density, and the overall text volume for a single page were determined. A brief was then prepared for copywriters to produce optimized texts for the targeted pages. Each text was complemented with 1-2 thematic photographs provided by the client.

Step 3

Enhanced the Technical State of the Website During this phase, weaknesses in the project were identified, leading to the formulation of tasks for programmers. Subsequently, redirects were configured, and the robots.txt and sitemap.xml files were created.

Apart from rectifying technical deficiencies, efforts were made to balance the weight distribution on the site. A linking scheme was developed and implemented on the site.

Step 4

Executed External Optimization of the Project Our specialists conducted a thorough audit of the link profile, compiled a list of relevant donor domains, and then selected promotable queries, determining the optimal pace for increasing the link mass. Trustworthy links were also acquired from thematic platforms, resulting in improved positions and increased traffic.

Expert Commentary

During the website optimization process, a significant emphasis was placed on acquiring trust-worthy links from thematic platforms that are frequented by the target audience. Additionally, active engagement in crowd marketing was undertaken. Internal site improvements were separately conducted, including the refinement of a clear structure and the creation of a visually appealing project image.

All these efforts collectively contributed to attracting new users to the online store and achieving growth in both positions and traffic.

SEO Promotion Case Study for an Online Door Store
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