Website Strategy Development

Before diving into the technical aspects of website creation, it is necessary to study the market, competitors, identify the target audience, their customer journey map, and adapt the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to today's realities. Only in this way can we be confident in achieving good results. After all, any commercial website should fulfill its main task - generating revenue.

The development of a website strategy is carried out by a team of specialists.

Website Strategy Development

Depending on the business field, the following tasks are performed:

  1. Defining business goals.
  2. Market and competitor analysis.
  3. Identifying the target audience, their needs, and desires.
  4. Creating a unique value proposition.
  5. SEO during the development phase and the strategy for launching the website into the market.
  6. Developing sketches, concepts, and key ideas for the website.
  7. Web resource promotion plan.
  8. Identifying the most effective promotion methods.

After the strategy is developed, the designer can proceed with their work by creating a website prototype. Based on the gathered data, corporate colors and shapes are determined, an individual style is created, and the company's concept is reflected.

The cost of website strategy development starts at $2,800 and depends on various factors such as the number of specialists involved, the complexity of the tasks set, and others. Quality strategy development typically requires at least 7 working days.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Most people are visual-oriented and "judge a book by its cover." Therefore, a website should look appealing and be user-friendly. This responsibility falls on the UI/UX designer. Their main task is to create a product that is understandable to the target audience and easy to use. There are no poorly designed websites that generate profit and yield results. To encourage action, you need to capture the attention of visitors. This is achieved through visual impact, invoking sympathy and trust, and providing a comfortable user experience on the website.

The website design phase is equally important as engineering and technical development. Even the most complex technical solutions can be undermined if they are poorly packaged in a visual box.

Hence, UI/UX design is one of the major expenses in website creation. The work of designers consists of several stages:

  1. Framework development: At this stage, the designer schematically develops the framework of the future website and approves it with the client. The development of the framework usually takes between 5 to 20 days, depending on the project's complexity.

  2. Prototype: After the framework, ideas, and general principles are approved, the final user interface is created. The UI/UX designer "draws" the website for developers, organizes all the elements, and visually demonstrates how the end product will look.

The cost of the design is influenced by the project's complexity. Factors such as the number of website pages being developed, the presence of animations, complex forms, and elements, among others, are taken into account. Typically, a designer's work requires between 80 to 400 hours of time, and the cost of website design in USA ranges from $1,500 to $5,000.

Back-End Development

A website page is a collection of code that is visualized in web browsers. However, this code alone cannot accomplish the ultimate goal. For example, on a registration page, where users need to input their name, email, and password and click the "Register" button, the visual presentation is handled by Front-End development. However, for the data to be sent to the server and processed after clicking the button, Back-End development is required.

Back-End Development

Here are some additional factors that influence the cost:

  1. Integration of third-party services.
  2. Custom data processing configuration (e.g., audio or video playback).
  3. Handling complex requests.

Back-End development typically takes between 120 to 600 hours of work, with costs ranging from $2,000 to $10,000.

Admin Panel Development

An admin panel allows you to manage the content on your website. If you want the ability to add new products, materials, or modify information, it is necessary to implement an administrative panel. You can use third-party Content Management Systems (CMS), which are cost-effective (some even free), but they often come with significant security risks, limitations, and reduced functionality. Developing a custom admin panel is an excellent solution for owners of multiple websites.

You could choose to forgo the development of an admin panel to save costs. However, without an administrative panel, even making simple changes such as adjusting the price of a product or service, modifying website text (even a single word), or adding an image will require assistance from developers. On the other hand, with an admin panel, you can perform these tasks independently. To achieve this, a set of tools needs to be implemented to facilitate content management.

The advantages of a custom admin panel lie in the ability to select its functionality. Additionally, popular CMS platforms are often targeted by malware, whereas a custom admin panel developed exclusively for your website significantly reduces the risk of hacking.

Depending on the range of tools and capabilities required, the development of an admin panel typically takes between 60 to 180 hours of work, with costs ranging from $1,000 to $6,000.

Website Creation Cost by Types

Why do we create websites? Each entrepreneur has their own goals. It could be a personal blog for self-presentation and portfolio, a corporate website for a company, or an online store. Regardless of the type of website needed, its main objective is to generate profit. However, each type of website differs in terms of cost and complexity of development.

Website Creation Cost by Types

Calculating the exact cost of a website is challenging because the same type of resource can have a different set of features (an online store with 50 products versus one with 2000 products). However, we can estimate the budget required for specific types of websites.

Business Website

A business website is typically a small resource designed to promote a brand. Essentially, it serves as an online business card, presenting the company and its services or products. Such a website usually includes pages like "About Us," "Testimonials," "Services," "Contact," and "Blog." The cost depends on the number of pages and the time spent on their creation.

These websites are suitable for small businesses. For medium or large businesses, the expenses increase as more pages, features, and capabilities are required. In any case, the cost of developing a business website of this format starts at $9,000 and takes approximately 40 days to develop.

E-commerce Website

An e-commerce website is essentially an online store. Even if it is simple and only has a few dozen products, the development cost significantly differs from the previous type of website. This is because its functionality is much more complex. It should include the following elements:

  • Homepage
  • Shopping cart
  • Category and section pages
  • Product pages

Additionally, an e-commerce website should have various features such as:

  • Integration with payment systems
  • Reviews functionality
  • User registration
  • Search functionality
  • Admin panel
  • Notifications
  • And many others

Therefore, developing an e-commerce website requires much more time. Multiple specialists are involved in the project. The cost of developing an e-commerce website starts at $12,000. It requires at least 2-3 months, even for the development of a simple online store.

Landing Page Development

A landing page can be of two types: a standalone single-page website dedicated to promoting a specific product or service or a separate page on an existing website. The purpose of a landing page is to provide users with the necessary information about the product or service without distracting them with other elements.

Even if a landing page is extensive in terms of content, it costs less than a multi-page website. The development time for a landing page starts from 20 hours, and the cost starts at $1,000.

High-Tech Portals and Systems

Large portals and high-tech systems require special effort in development. They need to handle high traffic, accommodate extensive content, and perform well under heavy loads. Typically, these websites have extensive functionality and require at least 6 months of work and a large team of specialists.

The cost of portal development starts at $25,000 and is always discussed on an individual basis, as numerous factors influence the final price.