SEO Basic Course Program

Module 1: Structure and Management of SEO

  • The importance of search engine optimization
  • Key definitions, terms, metrics, and tools
  • On-page optimization for SEO specialists and webmasters
  • Technical optimization and compliance with standards
  • Analyzing SEO results - measurable factors, goals, and objectives
  • Ranking factors - trust, commercial, backlinks, and behavioral
  • Link-based ranking - quality and significance of external links, internal linking
  • Setting business goals for promotion - informing, increasing brand loyalty, and boosting sales
  • Analysis and evaluation of promotion effectiveness Module 2: Business Website Promotion
  • Promoting a business website, increasing traffic and conversions
  • Developing a strategy for website promotion and improving its search engine rankings
  • Practical module: SEO promotion case studies

SEO Basic Course Program

Module 2: Site Semantic Core

  • User search queries: formation and their impact on website SEO
  • Aligning website navigation elements with search queries
  • Niche search queries: selection and targeting
  • Search query statistics: analysis and sorting
  • Forming and clustering the site's semantic core
  • Tools and methods for creating a semantic core
  • Analyzing and collecting search query statistics: recommended tools and methods
  • Logical site structure: selection and creation

Module 3: Semantic Core Workshop

  • Paid services for search query selection
  • Free services for search query selection
  • Search query frequency: forming groups
  • Clustering: grouping related queries into clusters
  • Promoting individual pages using key queries
  • Expanding the semantic core by capturing missed semantics

Module 4: Technical Optimization Parameters for SEO

  • Determining a good website structure
  • Hierarchy and classification within the website structure
  • Technical optimization of the website - plan and implementation stages
  • Configuring subdomains during technical optimization
  • Navigation menu and other website navigation tools
  • Page redirects, language versions of the website - configuration

Technical Optimization Parameters for SEO

Topic 5. Formatting Tools for SEO.

  • How to optimize HTML and CSS of a website.
  • SEO optimization using tags.
  • Setting up H1-H6 tags.

Topic 6. Workshop on Internal Optimization.

  • Performing a technical audit (broken links, interlinking, code clutter, URL structure, duplicate pages).
  • Tools used during a technical audit.
  • SEO Spider Tool, Netpeak Spider for technical audit and optimization error detection.
  • Google Search Console as a tool to find under-optimized pages and fix indexing and ranking issues.
  • Website speed audit.
  • SEO optimization for mobile devices.

Topic 7. Developing a Website Promotion Strategy.

  • Competitors in search results – analyzing their promotion based on keywords.
  • Services and tools for analyzing competitor websites.
  • Website promotion strategy based on competitor analytics.

Topic 8. Internal Optimization – Practice.

  • Overview of optimization tools.
  • Setting up meta tags.
  • Optimizing page structure.
  • Image optimization.
  • Content optimization task for the website.
  • Practical work assessment.

Topic 9. External Optimization through Link Building.

  • Understanding PageRank and its calculation.
  • PageRank ranking algorithm and website promotion through links.
  • Creating relevant anchor text.
  • Methods of increasing link popularity.
  • Building link popularity – methods and tools.
  • External optimization of the website.
  • Link exchange platforms and increasing link popularity.
  • Should you buy links for your website and what are the benefits?
  • Finding external links for your website.
  • Choosing the right links to avoid search engine penalties.
  • Distributing link popularity.
  • Creating a link profile.

Topic 10. Link Building Practice.

  • Identifying top competitors based on target keywords and analyzing their websites.
  • Link building plan.
  • How to choose a trustworthy website for purchasing links.
  • Link buying – tools and effectiveness.
  • Selecting websites for link placement.