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Case Study 

Solution Painting and Gold Mind Digital 

We worked with Solution Painting to understand their purpose online, showcasing their years in service, the staff and the services they offer

What We Created: 

Gold Mind Digital and Solution Painting came together to talk about a company website, as we noticed they did not have a proper online presence put together. They wanted a unique website designed to show off their exceptional painting crew, the services they provide and their years in the business. With that we knew exactly what the needed! A fresh and creative start all together. So, with that we re-branded their company!

Our Deliverables: 


We Start With Questions To Nail Our Time To Market : 

After Solution Painting went through our key questionnaire about how they envision their website and the purpose of the site, we went ahead with the mock up version. This is what allows us to figure out how our ideas align with our client.

After gaining approval on our mockup we made sure that we incorporated the most important parts of what makes Solution stand out. With this we also studied the target demographics, web usage and what they would be looking for in a website.

Creating a distinctive design from scratch, we focused on drawing the user down the page fold ( and towards the desired actions ( the page fold basically means  )

The Result: 

We ended up creating a cool and responsive website that works well on all devices. This is key, as many of their clients are always on the go. This means they now can look more professional during any point of contact. It is easy to see what Solution can do for you, as we created a circular theme to enhance and play of the vibe of the new logo.

What’s the end result? A website that creates engagement opportunities with an easy to navigate feel, delivering on all the key features our client was looking for!

Solution Paintings Brand Image

When we were given the opportunity to recreate Solution Painting's brand image, we followed our approach to design by focusing on:

COLOR: We enhanced the color scheme by using a darker blue and a lighter gray.

RECOGNITION: The metallic finishing on the logo creates an appeal of quality and perfection

SIMPLICITY: We created a clean and distinctive vibe for their logo

TONE: The darker blue strikes a tone of knowledge and know how

TRANSFERABILITY: Solutions Logo’s not only needed to work as a stand alone object but one that could be wearable yet distinctive. With this in mind we created two logos and an accompanying letter copy that they can use for certain paperwork.

UNIQUENESS: At GMD we focus on creativity, and that why we incorporated a negative image of a roller in between the S and the P within Solutions new logo.