What is SEO Audit and Its Types

An SEO audit is an analysis of a website aimed at identifying possible technical errors and making improvements that will impact the website's ranking in search engines and enhance its visibility in organic search results.

Before starting any optimization and promotion efforts for a website, it is necessary to analyze the current state of the website and all its elements. This process is known as a website audit.

The essence of an SEO website audit is to identify all potential errors on the website. The SEO auditor compiles a structured document, often referred to as a site audit specification, that outlines the necessary changes to be made after the audit.

Performing an SEO audit of a website is an essential step before initiating any external efforts to promote the website to the top of search engine rankings.

SEO Audit

Another type of SEO audit is the evaluation of the work done by another SEO company. In other words, it involves checking if all the optimization work performed on the website was done correctly.

By ordering an SEO audit from us, you will receive a detailed report that highlights all the technical issues on your website, as well as content deficiencies that may hinder your website's promotion. We conduct both internal and external audits of the website.

In other words, an SEO audit involves identifying errors on the website but does not include the actual fixing of those errors.

It is important not to confuse an SEO audit with search engine optimization itself. An audit aims to identify and provide recommendations, while optimization is the process of rectifying the identified errors on the website.

If your website has not undergone SEO optimization yet, it is advisable to perform optimization immediately after conducting an SEO audit.

How Much Does an SEO Website Audit Cost?

The cost of an SEO website audit can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the website, its size, and the level of detail required for the audit.

To answer the question of how much an SEO website audit typically costs, it can be said that the price ranges from $500 to $5000, depending on the volume and complexity of the work that needs to be done.

The price of an SEO website audit depends on the website's volume (number of pages), the number of language versions, and the website's niche.

SEO Website Audit Cost

Here are some average price ranges for SEO website audits:

Basic SEO Audit: $399 to $8000

A basic SEO audit usually includes an analysis of technical aspects of the website, such as page loading speed, indexability, and indexation. It may also include a review of on-page SEO factors such as header tags, meta descriptions, and title tags. This type of audit is suitable for small websites or those with relatively simple SEO requirements.

Comprehensive SEO Audit: $699 to $2000

A comprehensive SEO audit goes beyond the basic analysis and delves deeper into various aspects of SEO. It may include a detailed analysis of keywords, competitor analysis, backlink profile evaluation, content assessment, and other factors. This type of audit is typically recommended for larger websites or those with more complex SEO requirements.

Enterprise SEO Audit: $2000 and above

For large enterprises or corporate-level websites with extensive SEO requirements, the cost of an SEO audit may be higher. Such audits usually involve thorough examination of technical SEO issues, on-page and off-page optimization, content strategy, website architecture, user experience, and other complex SEO aspects.

It's important to note that these price ranges are approximate and can vary depending on the specific requirements and the SEO agency or specialist hired to conduct the audit. Additionally, the deliverables and level of detail provided in the audit can also impact the overall cost.

Conducting an SEO Website Audit with Client's Business Goals in Mind

We will provide you with a comprehensive SEO website audit for your online store or website. In the form of a transparent report, you will receive comments on the current state of your website, supported by real data from analytics tools, valuable advice, and actionable recommendations. An SEO website audit serves as the foundation for starting a collaboration with our team of specialists who, after a thorough evaluation and strategy development, will work towards improving the visibility of your website across multiple fronts.

Do you want to increase website traffic and improve sales performance? Order an SEO website audit or discover the benefits of partnering with our agency.