Case Study 

Lavish Tee and Gold Mind Digital 

We worked with Lavish Tee to understand their purpose online, showcasing their unique style and presence in the clothing scene

Our Deliverables: 


Goals We Set

Website Goals 

  • Development of Responsive Website
  • Help identify brand position
  • Create an easy to use website by focusing on minimal clicks to purchase
  • Showcase products with custom Lookbook

SEO Goals 

  • 5 Keyword Campaign
  • Target long-term growth with on-page and off-page optimization
  • Increase website traffic 

First Meet and Educate: 

Lavish Tee lacked a great website and during our first meeting with their team we focused on teaching them how users look through a website, how the page layout works, and why they needed every image to work for them by helping the end user get to the product they want. We showcased the power of having a responsive website as it gives their customers an easy shopping experience on any device.

Creating a distinctive design from scratch, we focused on drawing the user down the page fold (anything under what you instantly see when a site's page loads) and towards the desired actions.

The Result: 

Here at Gold Mind Digital we view a website as a "closer". We consider it a final push to get your target audience to really appreciate what you have to offer and that's when a proper design allows users to take the actions you desire.

But, before they come to your website, they need to find it!

This is where we really push to provide value to our clients in order for them to have an online presence that promotes growth. We provide smart, strategic and high value marketing solutions. For Lavish Tee we focused on organic growth. 

Lavish Tee SEO Campaign

Over three months we managed to gain great traction with our SEO campaign, increasing their traffic by more than 300%. Not only did Lavish Tee receive more visitors but also more sales! Below you will see where we managed to rank Lavish Tee for a keyword such as "Street Apparel Online Burnaby"

Optimize your online presence and dominate your niche!