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(Last Updated On: October 28, 2017)

6 scary reasons why most small business websites fail

Let me guess… You’re most likely tuned into the social media realm or searching through search engines and websites on your phone. I know I am, and there seems to be a scary trend with small business websites, here are the top six reasons why most small business websites fail: 

1.Your small business website isn’t built for your target audience


Think of your audience. I assume you understand them, and your website should reflect this knowledge. But does it?

A major factor to consider when building a small business website is the people that will be visiting the website. Your site needs to be tailor made to fit your intended audience. It is very important to know what your customer needs. The features, technologies, functionalities and general flow of your website should be influenced by your target audience.

When defining your buyer persona, you need to consider factors like their interests, age range and web surfing experience, etc. If you are targeting teenagers, your site should be far different from a website designed for older adults.

Determining and creating content based on your intended audience will go a very long way in creating a valuable small business website.

Learn how to make your website more welcoming, engaging and bounce free

2.You’re not writing helpful content

Don’t write crappy content that doesn’t have a purpose. Your website should, instead, be helpful and answer their questions.

As content is being developed, don’t randomly add words to a page. Instead, your site should be a beautiful three-course meal prepared with the right delicately chosen ingredients of words.

Your content is one of the most important elements of your site as it is content that drives visitors to your site and keeps them coming back. Your content is what sells your products or services.

Here’s our content grader which will help you get the most out of your content. It allows you to put your content through a checklist to ensure your messaging and experience is on point!

Simply put, your goal with content is to educate your audience.

Address the common questions and concerns of your audience by providing informative how-to posts, guides, lists, and even your opinion. Content makes your website more favorable to search engines.

Regularly updating your website makes it search engine friendly, this will, in turn, lead to more search engine traffic for your small business website.

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3.Did you remember your core offering?


Your core offering is important. Small business websites need them! It allows you to approach your target audience with a tailored message on how you can help them.

Now there is a dogma that the more choice you have, the more freedom comes with it. But as an owner of a site you are much better off limiting these choices and focusing on your most profitable product or service.

Consider implementing a tripwire which is an enticing, low risk paid offer that gets you more customers on the front end. 

Think about the most valuable deal you can give your audience, and create a funnel where you offer this deal for a great price. Generally tripwires are between $1 to $20 but can go even higher depending on what your core offering is.

Identifying your core offering will help your small business website succeed.

You can move your prospects towards your core offering by utilizing highly targeted free offers, a great tripwire and email marketing automation.

4.You forgot about your mobile visitors

Small business websites - need to work on mobile

Statistics have shown that more people browse on their mobile devices than a computer in today’s world.

According to Wolfgang Jaegel, 91% of mobile users agree that access to mobile optimized content is important.

Mobile is revolutionizing the way people research, shop and make purchasing decisions.

A responsive website makes it very easy for the mobile users of your website to access your website. A responsive small business website also makes it easy for you to stay competitive and way ahead of your competitors.

Why do you need a mobile website?

  • Responsive websites are preferred by Google and are ranked higher.
  • Your conversion rate will increase with a responsive website
  • User experience is best for responsive websites because they work well on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • The easiest way to increase the number of visitors to your website is through a mobile friendly website.

5.No consistent action towards your goals – advertising

Advertise your content, advertise your offer, advertise your site. One very important part of building a web presence from your website is promotion. But still, a lot of businesses fail to consider it. They think their work is done once their website is set up. Wrong.

You must promote your website. Gone are the days when all you had to do was put up wonderful content, and people found you. Website promotion is no longer an option.

The most effective way to successfully promote your website is to create amazing content. Amazing content is one thing, but don’t make the mistake of focusing on the wrong keywords that have no commercial value (CPC: Cost per click) or no search volume.

If you target multiple different products or services, each piece of content must also have unique offers, and keywords that relate to what the viewer is looking at.

Once you have great content, targeted keywords and offerings in place, spread your content throughout the social media platforms your audience is on.

Targeted Keywords + Amazing Content + Targeted Offers + Social = A solid foundation towards business growth online.

Here’s a post on how to choose the best online advertising channels for your business.

You can promote your website by getting close to industry influences and sharing your content with them. Don’t spam. Just send over your content and ask for their input. You can also ask for a quote from them that you can include in the article.

Compile a list of the top 10-20 influencers in your field and aim to create a relationship with them.

Also, when you write about someone or their company, email or tweet at them, you don’t know, but they might decide to share it with their audience. 

6.No plan ( Small business websites need one! )

Small business websites need a plan

Every successful website has a plan and a business model.

A website isn’t a business model, but it can play a major role in lead generation when setup properly.

Small business websites are typically a success or a failure depending on what visitors is looking for and what they ultimately get from it. For your website to be successful, it needs to not only look captivating, but it has to have a business model that focuses on your core offerings.

What do you plan to gain from or do with your website? How?

Some web business models include:

Anyone can participate in affiliate marketing, but just like with any of these models the most successful results will come from creating a strong online presence that people trust.

  • Selling digital and/or physical products on your website.

Optimizing your SEO and website structure will help you generate more income from this type of website.

Showcasing the value of becoming a member is only one part of getting more signups. If you are focusing on a membership site, include extremely valuable content that drives engagement. Here’s a good article on membership site basics.

This is where most websites fail. Why? Because they are are not integrated with their online strategy.

Creating a marketing funnel to educate your buyers will help your company:

  • Market smarter not harder
  • Turn prospects into leads
  • Automate certain steps for your main offerings
  • Increase touch points and trust

There are many others, but from the above list, we can see that websites that utilize these strategies have a strong system running to gain something from their presence. They are not just waiting for people who enjoy their content to send them money. They are taking proactive steps to generate revenue.

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