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What is your online presence worth to you? Create a profitable online funnel today

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2017)

How do I create a profitable website with an online funnel?

Short answer: By Integrating your website with your business to drive web traffic and sales (in particular your core business goals).

Successfully building an integrated online presence that matches your goals in business is hard work. But, by understanding the main building blocks of your how your online funnel works you will be able to maximize your online investment.

The goal of a website is to:

  • Market smarter not harder
  • Turn prospects into leads
  • Automate certain steps for your main offerings
Integrated Website System: A profitable funnel

Having a welcoming, engaging and bounce free website is just the start of a successful online presence.

Like an experienced tour guide your site should relay information and help the new prospect find out where they want to go.

And… just like a great tour guide shows the best aspects of the city, you’ll want to draw in your audience’s attention towards your unique selling points.

The uniqueness of your online funnel will be a key component of your online strategy ( Yes, you’ll be using it to drive web traffic towards )

So with that in mind, how do I market smarter, not harder?

Hint: This is your Awareness / Prospect Stage

Prospects are defined as individuals or companies engaging with your website. They are on your site as they are researching solutions to their current problems and challenges. This stage for the prospective buyer is in a sense their own learning stage. (Think about how your prospects will find you and understand their journey)

But, wait hold up! How did they get to my website?

Here are some common avenues and approaches that we as a prospect take when in this stage:

Now to get your prospects here you must showcase your unique solution by utilizing educational material on your website. Remember your main goal here is to keep them engaged and ultimately get some contact information showing that they are interested.

If you don’t do this already, you should get started! Write blogs on your niche market and target your audience in order to define your solution.

Tip: Each educational piece should interlink inside your website as this is great for your prospects experience while also improving your search engine rankings!

Make sure you have targeted landing pages and copy implemented to capture all those potential new leads. (More on this below)

Action Items:

  • Understand your target audience problems and challenges
  • Develop educational material for each of your solutions/ products/ services
  • Drive web traffic from awareness to consideration by implementing targeted landing pages

I’ve identified my target audience’s problems/ challenges, but how do I turn prospects into leads?

Hint: This is your Consideration / Leads Stage

The goal at this stage is to provide value in exchange for contact information. Engage your prospect with offerings that will help them through their buying process. Now that you have a better understanding of what your prospects are looking for, you can tailor your solution towards their needs. The key here is to understand what exactly your prospects are looking for, create an offering around it and promote.

This leads us to building your main landing pages with opt-in forms.

A great way to qualify your prospects and ensure that you are getting leads that suit your business is to apply the BANT framework towards your opt-in forms.

Budget: Give your prospect the ability to define a price range through your forms

Authority: Understand what role your prospect plays in his/her organization

Needs: Develop an understanding of what they are looking for

Timeline: Depending on your service, giving the prospect an estimated date range can be a very helpful use of your form.

But what will work best to convert on my landing page?

  • Provide value by educating your prospect
  • Relevant imagery and visual cues based on target audience interests
  • Provide value, so that prospects give their information in return for a valuable tool, report, deal etc. Entice them with your best offer.

Action Items:

Now that I have leads, how do I automate the next steps?

Hint: This is your Decision / Client’s Stage ( Where your online funnel really comes into play! )

For each offer that your new leads go through change your marketing approach, from different email marketing funnels to advertising and retargeting spend. ( Hmm.. That sounds like a lot of work) But trust us, it’s the only way to truly captivate and engage your audience properly.

By understanding your target audience’s needs you can now provide them with timely and personalized messages.

Now it’s hard to reach out in a scalable manner and track your progress and that’s why it’s important to have a properly integrated website for your business. Help guide your leads through the final stage of the decision by showcasing your value and turn them into clients. This is the best way to drive web traffic, engage them and ultimately convert them.

With an Integrated Website System you’ll be:

Integrated Website and funnel benefits

Action Items:

  • Get a Marketing Automation Funnel.  We use Drip for ourselves and our clients
  • Setup email automation funnels for each of your core offerings
  • Setup retargeting for your site’s main offers

Want to drive web traffic and get your online funnel setup?

We integrate this whole setup into your business website, because without it.. Well you really just have an online business card. Learn more about an integrated IMC campaign, or sign up below to chat with us!


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