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Vancouver Web Design

Vancouver Web Design

Looking for a digital marketing agency in Vancouver? Then, you've come to the right place!

If you own a business in Vancouver and you want to see more traffic online or an increased interest in your company you need to understand the importance of first impressions. First impressions determine whether or not a visitor stays on your site or even becomes a loyal customer. Our Vancouver web design can help make sure that once you get customers to your online site they stay and buy.

Why An Optimized Website In Vancouver Is Important For Your Business 

By working with us, you can get a stunning website that will transform your website into a money making machine. We make sure you get high levels of profit, increased customer interest and a website that is sure to beat back your competition. We will also help you improve conversion rates. Getting customers to your site is only the first part of a integrated marketing campaign because you also need to make sure they buy.

Before we look at how to do this, let’s look at how our Vancouver web design experts can shape a site around that location.

If you are running a small business, you still need to be able to compete with the large companies on the market. And how do you do that? Well the business world is changing, and these days every business has an online site. Companies such as yours need to have a strong marketing platform to sell your product and that’s exactly what your site can be, but only if you have the right web design.

Your design needs to match with the marketing trends in Vancouver right now. You need to make sure that you win over local customers and use your site as a honing point. We can help you do this with a killer design that highly converts users into buying consumers. We understand how to create a site that matches your local target audience in this great and stunning city.

Vancouver Web Design: A Great Opportunity For Growth

If you want your business to get increased numbers of sales and fantastic new levels of customers, you need to understand the importance of a great web design. If you already have a website online, you may want to think about getting a complete redesign.

A fresh start presents you with a fantastic opportunity of growth and according to the Huffington post, change your web metrics by up to 25 percent. We’ve even seen greater levels of success than this with some of our clients. Trust us, we will make sure your site looks unique and fresh, bursting with potential.

We can talk more about web metric changes further, but for now, let’s look at the impact a new design can have on your customers. With a fresh design our Vancouver web development team can guarantee that new customers will be interested in your products/services. You might even be attracting customers that never had an interest in your business before.

We are more than happy to show you how we do this but before we get to that, we need to show you some more benefits of a great website design. This will show you just how important a unique, original design can be and help you understand why you need Vancouver web design for your business.

Benefits Of Our Vancouver Web Design

As a Vancouver business owner you want to make sure that users do connect with your website. You either want them to bookmark it, use it as a consistent source of information or convert them into a customer straight away. Don’t forget, the amount of time that users spend on your site is important. It doesn’t just affect your ranking online, it impacts on the chance of you getting a new lead or customer.

With a great design, we can make sure this is the case, but we also want to look at the color and design of your website. Little details like this can impact on how well your site performance online. Ideally, your site needs to be colourful and vibrant to attract attention. Customers will not always read all the text on a page.

Instead, they pick out key details and focus on the significant parts of your website. We understand which parts of your site customers are going to gravitate towards

Vancouver Web Design

3 Main Benefits Of A Local Vancouver Web Design

We’ve already shown you why a local company such as yours wants a local audience. It only makes logical sense right? Using keywords is a good start but that’s not going to be enough. You need to think about creating a site that appeals directly to the local target audience.

Competitive Advantage

Brand Experience

Lead Generation Machine

Competitive Advantage

If you’re running a business and using a website for marketing purposes, you’re going to to be facing a lot of competition. There are quite literally millions of websites online, all looking to attract the same customers. Many of these sites will be seeking out customers in Vancouver similar to you. That’s why you need to make sure that your site has a fresh design that grabs their attention.

There are a lot of websites online that use cookie cutter designs. This means that the sites are all built from the same basic model, even if the designer has promised originality. We think this happens far too often. That’s why we always offer our customers unique, custom designs based off of proven high converting layouts.

By doing this, we can ensure that your site does make a great impression online. There’s no reason for customers to click away because you have finally shown them something fresh and exciting.

A Better Brand Experience

You are probably worried about using the website design company in case you don’t get the best results. Perhaps, you have used a website design team in Vancouver that didn’t manage to get your site any attention online. Or, maybe, you found that the service they offered had been used in exactly the same way with multiple other businesses.

Let us reassure you this won’t be the case with our business. With our Vancouver web design agency, we will get you great results. We will do this by making sure that we understand the customers who you’re selling to and the targets or goals of your company. We want to make sure that your site is ready for the big leagues. 

After all, your website is an important part of your marketing system.

We believe that there is no reason why a site like yours can’t create a huge impact online. Even local Vancouver websites can attract massive audiences with the right design work in place. We will also make sure to consult you every step of the way. Our team will begin by assessing who you are and what you want to achieve with your business website.

Once we have done this we will formulate an original web design with these targets in place. We will look at key areas of the design such as mobile responsive, simple ways to add content and clever marketing techniques. Once we have done this, we will present the plan to you, the owner. Rest assured, we will only move forward with our plans if you completely approve of our design work.

As a web design agency in Vancouver we can deliver on this promise, but right now we want to show you exactly what your website could be. The potential of every site online is nothing short of unlimited. You just have to know the key areas to target to turn your site into a hit, and we do.

Building A Lead Generation Machine

We think you’ll agree that this is the ultimate goal of every website and business owner. It doesn’t matter whether you're selling on a local or international level. You don’t want your site to gain customers or leads on the rare occasion. You want it to be constant, and you want to make sure that every person who visits your site becomes a paying customer.

This is all about the web design, and we know how to achieve it. The fact is that there are lots of different reasons why a customer might decide not to buy from your business site. It may not appear to be professional, or it could be lacking in security features. We can guarantee that these issues aren’t are problem on your website.

We will create a stunning design that hits all the right targets. In doing so, we can dramatically raise the level of conversions from your site and increase your overall performance online. In doing this, we can make your site a fully operational 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year selling machine. With the right web design, you won’t just be part of your market, you will completely dominate it, and we’ll show you how.

We’re happy to discuss plans like this with you but first, let’s look at overall targets we will aim for with your site.

Vancouver Website Design Pricing And FAQ's

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Here's the thing.

We believe that a website is the core component to a successful marketing campaign.

And it's crucial for integrated marketing.

That's why we don't just create websites.. we create...

Integrated Marketing Systems

These systems start at $3,000 and include a landing page, email automation, retargeting and call tracking.

Overall Vancouver Web Design Targets

Total Customization - It is important for business owners like yourself to know that their site can change and evolve. Stagnant sites online die off rather quickly because they don’t maintain customer interest. That’s why we’re going to create a site for you that is easy to build on and expand.

Perfect for users - As a business owner, you are probably aware how important it is for your site to be user-friendly. If you make things too difficult for them, they are quickly going to click away. We can build a site that operates in a way that’s streamlined, getting your users where they want to be.

Safe & Secure - If you are hoping for purchases on your site it needs to look and feel safe for customer use. Our designs are always created to appear professional and send the right messages to customers. With a great design, customers will never doubt that they are dealing with the best in the business.

Are you ready to get started?

If you need a new site design today, you’re probably overwhelmed with the possibilities online. Don’t hesitate, contact us today and we will discuss all the options with you. We can make sure that your new site is poised for great success in Vancouver, no matter what your industry or market.

Grow your business online through expert local web design agency.

What Our Customers Say

Maninder Tennessey Partner, Atlas Pots 

Gold Mind Digital offers seamless, well-researched options for businesses. In our case, we needed to elevate our online presence, and gain exposure in new markets. GMD implemented improvements to our website, online searchability, SEO, and a successful PPC campaign. As a small-business owner, it is imperative to work with a company that it is up-to-date on latest trends and technologies.

The GMD team provides worry-free and professional services while remaining completely approachable. Matt from GMD regularly gives updates over the phone and sends reports on the work being done, while discussing next steps. They are knowledgeable, savvy and so easy to work with.

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