Deliver consistent marketing messages before during and after your event

Integrated Marketing for Trade Shows

How often do you get excited to attend an industry event such as trade show, just to find that all your planning and preparation fell flat on its face?

More than 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority. Which means 4 out of 5 people walking the aisles are potential customers for exhibitors (you!). That's why we created the Trade Show Marketing Package! This package is ideal for trade shows, seminars, and industry mixers.

Here is what you get with the Trade Show Marketing Package:

Pre Event

  • ​Determine event metrics to measure campaign success
  • ​Careful planning and positioning of collateral branding
  • Promotional emails to invite your prospects to your booth
  • Landing page to promote core event offer and entice desired action
  • Creation of follow up email sequences to drive prospects towards desired goal

Matt with Carlene President of BC Sign Association

During Event

  • Campaign monitoring and engagement for event activities on social media
  • Custom landing pages with your desired call to actions (signups, schedule calls, book a demo etc)
  • Ongoing monitoring and engagement with influencers and key attendees

While the event is live your trade show marketing package will facilitate the opportunity to transition prospects into post event activities. This will increase your touch points therefore raising brand awareness, trust and propel prospects into quality leads.

Post Event

  • Follow up email sequence to build rapport and encourage last minute sales
  • We work with you to create a blog post recapping the main highlights of the event
  • Post on relevant social media platforms. Between 1-2 days after the event
  • Post Analysis of event marketing and sales to determine your return on investment (ROI)

Note: We recommend checking out our Integrated Marketing Packages to further enhance your online presence and boost your offline branding.

49.4 %

Of small business owners utilize networking events for attracting new customers.

Let's talk about how effective your current strategy is, and how we can increase lead generation through an integrated marketing approach!