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Top Trends and Strategies for an Integrated Marketing Approach in 2017

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2017)

Your small business marketing strategy for 2017 needs to put integrated marketing strategies at the top of the list.

Here are the trends that make a killer combo.

The new year is here and there’s no more putting off how to master your marketing and take your business to the next level. While 2016 brought us more online marketing, more digital experiences, and a more targeted approach, 2017 is going to see businesses of all sizes take their marketing to another level. An integrated marketing approach.

It’s important to get ahead of your competition by identifying the best marketing trends for 2017.

You need to start making them part of your overall process now. And, integrated marketing strategies is where this all begins. Stay tuned!

Integrated marketing is the key to business growth

The answer to staying on top in 2017 lies in the approach of integrated marketing. This term is exactly the way it sounds. It’s having all of your marketing, sales, public relations and advertising efforts work towards a common business goal.

Integrated marketing is not only creative and cost-effective for your small business, but it uses 4 C’s to communicate a clear message across all platforms.

These four C’s follow a process that is:

  • Cohesive
  • Consistent
  • Continuous
  • Complementary

Every marketing campaign or decision you make should be with the end result in mind. By following these marketing trends and using the principle of integrated marketing, a killer combination is created that can’t be beaten.

Your business wants to:

Below you’ll find the trends to get you there.

Small business marketing trends for 2017:

Increased focus on personalized customer experience


Integrated marketing: A small business marketing strategy

It’s all about creating personalization and the best possible customer experience for your target customer. When people think you care about them and take the time to cater to their needs, they trust you more.

Personalization is going to be seen everywhere, even beyond the online world. Just look at the company Stich Fix and their business model.

They have each consumer take an assessment providing their likes, dislikes, and budget preferences and from there, they prepare a personalized wardrobe based on the feedback.

It’s no longer adequate enough to blast out the same message and product or service to everyone. With the data and technology we have today, small business marketing can participate in tailored advertising efforts.

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Social Media Marketing


social media trends - integrated marketing

It’s true. How is social media marketing being considered a top trend for marketing in 2017?

Well, for starters we know it’s been around for awhile and most companies have adopted it, but now more than ever the focus lies on forming concrete relationships rather than blasting out the typical sales and marketing messages that usually get ignored anyway.

Video content and live streaming are also new ways of communicating that will begin to dominate this industry. Users want to feel like they are in-the-moment and can connect anywhere and this gives them more control over the decision-making process.

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Search Engine Optimization

Google voice search

While SEO is always going to be part of our marketing efforts as long as the internet is around, the newest areas are in voice search and “near me” searches.

55% of teens and 41% of adults are using voice search on a daily basis and the keywords used to ask search engines certain things differ from the way we type. Voice search optimization is the future of SEO. Here’s how it’s put into play.

Near-me searches also doubled in 2015 and are becoming increasingly popular. Users want to know the closest establishment based on their exact location. Near-me searches need to be optimized for small business marketing in 2017.

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Video and Visual Communication

video marketing and social

Relating to live streaming through social media, video, and visual communication are becoming more and more of what people want to see.

Words and pictures are no longer enough. Videos are a sure way to capture your audience’s attention.

With the addition of live streaming and the wave of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), we will see more businesses leveraging this technology to boost their brand experience. This type of communication appeals to the audience’s emotions and allows a user to be part of a more immersive experience. 

Integrated Marketing Strategies and Sales

Integrated Marketing Strategies and Sales

Have you heard of the word “smarketing”?

Part of integrated marketing is incorporating marketing with sales efforts. This ensures sales and marketing is working towards the same goal (hence the existence of smarketing).

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Sales and marketing should be working in alignment with each other. At the end of the day, a business’s goal is to make revenue. A growing advertising trend for 2017 is the integration of sales in everyday marketing efforts.

Email and Marketing Automation

While we are beginning to see more advanced automation through scheduled social media posts and email campaigns, it’s going to pick up in 2017.

Did you know? Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads. (The Annuitas Group)

Email and marketing automation are all about nurturing your leads and building a relationship with your customers. It allows your company to send targeted information to the right people at the right time.

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And, the good news for us small business owners is that it’s becoming more much affordable. We set up marketing automation with WordPress, Thrive ThemesDrip and Callrail for clients looking to gain a higher return on investment from their online marketing efforts .

Bottom line, marketing automation helps keep your business on top of consumer’s mind.

Chatbots and AI go mainstream

Chatbots and artificial intelligence is a top trend going into 2017. These are things that change the whole game of sales and marketing and will continue to grow tremendously.

With more advancement in AI, chatbots are going to more human-like and customer centric.

These chatbots will pick up your likes and dislikes to engage with you like an average human.

These machines will pick up consumer data from cookies and previous web experiences to target the consumer directly.

Pretty crazy, right?

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Content marketing strategy

2017 is going to be about continuing to build relationships with your consumers and providing quality content that will attract new and current customers.

3 statistics that highlights the effectiveness of content marketing

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. (Source: DemandMetric)
86% of highly effective organizations have someone in charge of content strategy. (Source: CMI)
The most common content marketing delivery mechanism is social media, used by 87% of marketers. (Source: CMI)


With more and more businesses in the mix, there is going to be an increased difficulty to stand out. Extra emphasis should be put on making every word count while keeping your audience engaged with every piece of content you create.

Content distribution and promotion

Sub Article Framework Hub+Spoke

Another strategy that should be adopted in 2017 is how your company distributes and promotes your content.

Try to incorporate a set strategy that involves writing content around your main “hub” articles and sharing related “spoke” articles on various social platforms!

Related Tool

A content grader is what we use to grade our articles. This ensures you keep a level of consistency before hitting publish!

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Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Look for people to market your products that have credibility and build trust with your consumers. If you pick right, it’ll pay off with increased leads and profits.

You will also begin to see content marketing on more mobile devices and across various platforms. There will be more focus on paid content promotion to ensure maximum reach among your target audience.

ROI and measurement

And while all of these integrated marketing strategies for 2017 are important to know and incorporate, it comes down to your return on investment (ROI).

In 2017 the focus will be on measuring MROI (Marketing Return on Investment) through a varied calculation method, scope and response curve level.

MROI is all about real business objectives to get down to actual quantifiable goals. It calculates marketing objectives that really matter to your business.

Over to you

Do you think these marketing trends and strategies can be adapted for your small business in 2017? Here at Gold Mind Digital we can solve your integrated marketing needs by working around your business goals.

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