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Small Business Online Marketing? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2018)

Yeah yeah… I said it… small business online marketing can be easy!

And those of you in the industry or are currently trying to rank higher/ get to your online goal are probably like…

Is this guy crazy?

Well no, not yet anyways! 🙂

All you have to do is…

Incorporate your website into your small business online marketing strategy

But how?

Well this is a guide to follow that’ll help you improve your online ROI by understanding how to layout your website and benefit from an SEO focused content strategy. There are so many marketing tactics out there but I want to focus on just 2 key strategies and break them into actionable tasks that will help you drive more targeted prospects to your website.

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Nowadays as we know a proper online presence is paramount to your business success.

And what is the epicenter of your small business online marketing strategy?

A responsive website: A website developed to provide an optimal viewing experience on various devices ranging from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.

Well too bad that’s just the start and it isn’t that easy… because that doesn’t cut it anymore…

Let’s break it down with some simple yet great goals to set for your WEBsite:

I’ll cover the following 2 in detail:

Commitment factors

  • Opt-in material – Ideas and how to implement
  • Regular Content Updates – Goal build links and free Content Grader
  • Website – Design with intent

Traffic Sources

  • Social media – Promotion tips and being helpful!
  • Search engine optimization – How to beat your competitors

These all come together to help you dominate, here’s a marketing campaign strategy example.

Commitment factors

Commitment Example - Small business online marketing

I’m talking about creating a commitment that relies on engaging your prospects once they have actually landed on your website. So we’ll start with this as most small businesses recognize the need for a website.

But a website needs to be carefully thought out to be efficient… The following will help you understand what to look for when crafting a website that actually engages your target audience and becomes a useful tool for generating traffic.

Website Pages – Design with intent

Your website needs to convey your unique value proposition throughout each page. This ensures the viewers of your site understand who they are dealing with while fully understanding how you are there to help them!

Keep your website consistent and think of the purpose each of your pages provide to your target audience when laying out the flow of your site (also known as a sitemap). This is crucial to your small business online marketing success!

Take a look at these site layouts and think of which is easier to navigate…




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