Case Study 

Alberta Sign Association and Gold Mind Digital 

We worked with the Alberta Sign Association to create a new experience for their ECTP course.

The Alberta Sign Association has recognized the signage industry’s needs to learn more about the professional aspects of installing CSA approved signage. With the website the goal of the course is to:

  • Help company's install CSA approved signs
  • Help company's become CSA certified
  • Help employee's understand proper work safe practices

Learn more about the course here: Sign Courses Info

The Alberta Sign Association came to us wanting to significantly upgrade how their flagship Electrical Certificate Training Program (ECTP) course was being delivered to their respective students.

With their goal of current company member benefits as well as ease of use for administrators and students the new website will ensure higher completion rates, more licensed professionals and greater workplace safety, which is paramount to Alberta Sign Association.

Learn more on what the Alberta Sign Association is doing here: Key Objectives

Our Deliverables:


Our Focus:

  • Migrate from static website to an Integrated Website System
  • Scalable design & development that lends itself towards future expansion to other provinces
  • Design with aesthetics mirroring that of

What We Created:

We put together an automated course system within the WordPress platform by customizing plugins to function within the unique requirements of this online certification program. The website is also designed with expansion in mind and with the help of Gold Mind Digital it will be duplicated over to other regions of Canada with minimal effort.

The Result:

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