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Why SEO in Seattle is important for your business 


76% of local searches result in a phone call. Are you tracking your local phone calls?


93% of internet users begin their journey on the web with a search engine such as Google, and that's why you should be investing in SEO services in Seattle.


78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases. Make sure you have your business optimized for your audience. 

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New Customers Are Closer Than You Think

Of course, for local businesses things are a little different. You’re probably aware that the majority of your customer base isn’t coming from hundreds of miles away. Over ninety percent of your customers will be arriving from around a ten to twenty-mile radius. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still use SEO tactics to make sure you gain their attention.

You need to start focusing on local SEO. Local SEO is a way for businesses in a city such as Seattle to find a local market. Rather than getting site views from customers half a world away you’ll be seeing customers from Robson Street or Gastown. That’s exactly what you want because these are the target customers that are most likely to buy.

Our company can help you a lot here. We have a wealth of experience providing local SEO services to customers and clients in Seattle and all over the world. We will put your company on the map and build upon the existing demand your business is missing out on. But, before we talk about how to do this, we want to show you the massive potential for business growth with a local Seattle SEO agency.

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Seizing The Potential of High Rankings

If you’re a local business owner in Seattle, you probably have one question. How can local SEO methods help my business? Click on the button below to get started and we will help you discover the power of local SEO.

Keep Up With Your Competition

Only 44% of local retail businesses have claimed their spot on Google Listings. Since Google Listings are one of the most effective forms of local SEO, that says a lot about how most businesses view it. This doesn't mean local SEO is useless, in fact it's quite the opposite.

If you implement a local SEO strategy you'll be light years ahead of your competition who aren't.

What's Your SEO Score?

Local SEO, Local Results

We specialize in helping companies optimize their site with local tactics. This guarantees they get interested from a local audience rather than customers who would never visit or buy from their business.

Let take a look at an example of a “vehicle repair service” in SEO. It’s highly unlikely that anyone from Washington or Detroit is going to order an in-car repair service from Seattle. Therefore, there’s no point in your business trying to get customer views from locations like this. Instead, you want to narrow the scope.

We can help you do this by using hyper local keywords on your website.

Essentially, this just means that we are going to use keywords that relate to the location of Seattle and surrounding areas. We might link these keywords with the main words related to products or services from your business.

The outcome of a tactic like this is going to be a wide majority of your traffic is going to come from the local area. But we won’t stop there because we can take it further. Rather than just looking at keywords, we can examine all the content on your site.

Killer Local Content

We’ve already shown you why a local company such as yours wants a local audience. It only makes logical sense right? Using keywords is a good start but that’s not going to be enough. You need to think about creating a site that appeals directly to the local target audience.

We can do this for you by adapting your content to include local information such as locations and details about certain places. If it’s an industrial business to business site, we might include content about local laws and regulations for Seattle businesses. Now guess what happens?

Your site becomes a source of information for local consumers. Not just local consumers but consumers who are targeted and will be interested in your business. It all starts with the use of a Seattle SEO agency that understands this, but it doesn’t stop there.

Local Online Listings

In the past, if you were a local company you would have put your business in the phone book. If your business has been around for quite some time, you might even remember how it used to be. They were simpler times, weren't they?

But, as we know things have changed and only 28 percent of people use paper directories. The new phone book are things like Google listing and YELP!. This is what customers look at when they are searching for a company, and this is what you need to be using. In fact, you should aim for your business to have as many high profile listings as possible.

The problem is that with so many listings, it can be easy for things to fall through the cracks. Something as simple as an outdated business address on one listing could stop you from getting a high volume of customers for your business.

That’s where we come in. We can build, perfect and manage the listings for your business across all the different platforms. We’ll keep them updated and make sure you never miss out on the opportunity of converting a user searching online, into a new buying customer for your business.

Of course, these listings aren’t just about customers finding your business. They also allow customers to find out what other people think of your business. As a local company owner, you should be aware of how customer reviews can impact sales. Customer reviews are particularly important for local businesses because the can affect ranking by up 10%.

With our SEO services Seattle you can make sure that reviews are a blessing and not a curse. We will strive to keep a check on reviews of your local company across all major platforms. As well as this, we will aim to turn positive reviewers into sales agents for your company. This means that they will market your business for free by spreading positive word of mouth.

We would like to tell you more about how useful your customers can be, but we want to move on to the full benefits of a Seattle SEO strategy.

3 Main Benefits of SEO

We’ve already shown you why a local company such as yours wants a local audience.

It only makes logical sense right?

Using keywords is a good start but that’s not going to be enough. You need to think about creating a site that appeals directly to the local target audience.

Mobile Search Benefits

High Return On Investment

Local Business Branding

We're Going Mobile

As a local business owner you need to understand that the online market is shifting in both negative and positive ways for small companies. Once you understand this, you will know why local SEO campaign is in your best interests.

To start with, we need to look at mobile trends. Over 60% of searches online are going to be on mobile devices this year. You can expect that percentage to rise in the next few years as wearable and mobile devices are phased in and desktop computers are phased out.

Although arguably for local businesses this was always the reality. Many customers are already out and about when searching for a company in Seattle. So, it makes sense to focus marketing on mobile.

Luckily, with our Seattle SEO service it is possible to focus your local marketing around mobile. In fact, Google now favours local businesses that have mobile responsive websites. If your website is mobile responsive, you’re going to have a higher search ranking. As well as this, with updates like Pigeon, you can bet Google is just beginning to show their love for local companies.

The Best Bang For Your Buck! A High ROI

We are aware that business owners, particularly of small companies, have to think about costs. Unfortunately, the perception that online marketing is free, isn’t true. You will need to make sure that you have money for online promotion if you want your business to be a hit.

The good news is that for local companies, the situation is a lot brighter. One of the biggest advantages of local SEO is that it doesn’t take a lot of time or resources. Particularly when compared with its regional counterpart. For this reason, we are able to offer expert Seattle SEO services at a valued price and guarantee fast results.

Let’s move on to citations.

Local Citations

One of the key parts of an SEO campaign is building up a business brand. We’re sure that you have already done this with your company either online or offline. It usually involves getting written reviews, working with business partners or reaching out for guest posts.

For local companies, these citations are still absolutely crucial. But, it’s all about what type of citations you use and the sources they are derived from. We can help you get citations that are relevant to your target customer and local prospects.

This might include guest posts from a popular Seattle blogger, reviews from a high ranking Canadian website or generating targeted articles. Anything like this can build up your local brand and improve, not just the reach of your company, but the conversion rate.

We’re sure that you are dying to learn more about possibilities like this and if you contact our company, we can provide more details. But first, we’d like to tell you why our SEO strategy is the right choice for your company in Seattle.

Are You Ready To Rank Locally?

If your answer is yes, you don’t have to wait a moment longer. Contact our team today, and we will tell you how we can put you on the map.

If you have any questions, our queries a member of our expert team will be happy to answer them for you. We will be there with you every step of the way and, working together, we can get your local Seattle company the success it deserves on and offline.

Grow your business online through our expert Seattle SEO agency.

Frequently Asked Local SEO Questions

  • Difference Between Local and Organic?
  • How Many Locations Do You Target?
  • What Contributes To Local SEO?
  • How Important Are Citations?
  • How Do I Place My Business On The Google Map Pack?

Each Local SEO Package targets one location. If your business has multiple locations, you would need to buy a package for each one, unless your geo-targets all fall within a 5-mile radius.

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Choose Success With A Seattle SEO Approach

We’re sure you’re wondering why our team is the right pick for your business. We understand how to get companies on the map and put a number of businesses on page one of the search results. While we can not guarantee this will happen for your company, it will always be our goal. We can promise that you will definitely see an increase in targeted traffic after using our service.

We are always honest with our clients, and we won’t promise results that we can’t deliver. Instead, we will look at your online profile, calculate the potential and make improvements to ensure you reach a desired level of success.

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Maninder Tennessey Partner, Atlas Pots 

Gold Mind Digital offers seamless, well-researched options for businesses. In our case, we needed to elevate our online presence, and gain exposure in new markets. GMD implemented improvements to our website, online searchability, SEO, and a successful PPC campaign. As a small-business owner, it is imperative to work with a company that it is up-to-date on latest trends and technologies.

The GMD team provides worry-free and professional services while remaining completely approachable. Matt from GMD regularly gives updates over the phone and sends reports on the work being done, while discussing next steps. They are knowledgeable, savvy and so easy to work with.

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