Liberty Leaf and Gold Mind Digital 

Find out how we have helped Liberty Leaf get to the forefront of the medicinal and recreational Cannabis industry.

About Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd (CSE:LIB) 

Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd (CSE:LIB) formally Weststar Resources corporation, is a publicly traded Canadian based company whose objective is to be at the forefront of the medicinal and recreational Cannabis industry - accelerating revenue generating businesses within this dynamic and fast growing sector.

After several rounds of discussion, we uncovered that Liberty Leaf wanted to rebrand and reposition themselves as one of the premier authority in this very competitive market.

Will Rascan - President & CEO Liberty Leaf

GMD enhanced our brand vision and corporate website by offering creative and growth driven solutions. Matt and the team at Gold Mind Digital really understood our business and how we can continuously improve with a fresh viewpoint for our target audience.

The end result: excellent branding and website design work.

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Design and Branding

Liberty Leaf realized their branding needed a new feel in order to be successful in the Cannabis industry. Based in Vancouver, BC we decided to create a Canadian feel throughout their brand from color to the typography of the logo which utilizes a modified Mabella font. Below you will see how the maple leaf blends into the wording of the logo creating a simple but effective new look for the brand.

New Modern Website

We started this project with a clean slate and utilized the WordPress platform to create a website that provides an up-to-date user experience. Liberty Leaf now has the ability to update their site with new blog posts and relevant news quickly allowing their staff to save time and communicate effectively with their audience.

This custom theme is ingrained with a core goal of showcasing their updates and drawing in leads through their contact page.

What’s the end result?

A website that showcases the direction of Liberty Leaf. Visitors to website will find that the site uses the latest web building tools and technologies to create a seamless, interactive user experience. Site navigation is straightforward and intuitive, and page displays are fully compatible with all computer and mobile devices.

Since we launched their conversion focused website. Liberty Leaf has been attracting a lot of interest from other companies looking to partner and key stakeholders wanting to invest in this rapidly growing company.

Dave Gdanski Investor Relations

The ease of communication between myself and the team at Gold Mind Digital was flawless. They are knowledgeable, responsive and thorough; and were able to address all my questions leading up to the execution of the project.

Liberty Leaf gained traction through a solid online presence, let's see how we can help you get started!