Integrated Marketing Blueprint

Integrated Marketing System

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If you really want to generate a consistent flow of leads that turn into sales then this blueprint is your ideal next step.

This blueprint covers 4 critical phases towards a successful online presence.

We'll take apart our integrated marketing system and provide you the essential strategies and concept to get your business to the next level!

A Discovery Call
For us to learn more about your business in order to develop your buyers persona and tripwire offering.

Identify Your Competition
Quickly identify your top online competitors and their strategies, in order to set SMART goals.

Grow Your Business
Uncover the channels that are most relevant to growing your business. 

A Path To More Profits
Analyze and Evaluate your campaign results. Show you the quickest path to more profits so you can crush your revenue targets. 

Competition is fierce and the internet has turned marketing into an arms race for attention.

Plus, there are approximately 543,000 new businesses that get started each month across various industries.

With this mind…

We have a few quick questions for you…

How is your marketing coming along? Are you truly crushing it?

Are you the go - to leader in the respective area you currently conduct business? Are you frustrated with your current situation?

What are you going to do to make a change?

If any of the above questions resonate with you, then it’s time to examine your marketing strategy.

We would like to invite you to take advantage of this limited time offer.

But before we talk about the offer, let’s cover who stands to gain the most from this offer.

This offer is for you if you:

  • Don’t have a strategy and are winging it
  • Have a strategy that is broken and outdated
  • Have a strategy that works only some of the time
  • Understand the importance of a marketing strategy or would like to learn
  • Are willing to partner with us so we can help you create, clarify and effectively execute a plan that is 100% unique to your business. 

Okay - here is what you’ve been waiting for!

For a limited time and only $27 ($1497 Value)

We will set you up with insights into your buyer's persona, money keywords and suggest some proven strategies and tactics to grow your business. 

This integrated marketing strategy will:

  • check
    Include a discovery call for us to learn more about your business
  • check
    Quickly identify your top online competitors and their strategies
  • check
    Uncover keywords that are relevant to growing your business online
  • Position you as the trusted leader in your space
  • check
    Show you the quickest path to profits so you can crush your revenue targets

At the end of this, we will send you a detailed, personalized marketing blueprint and if you like what you see we'll get on another call to discuss how you can implement these strategies we came up with. Based on the information you gave us plus our market research.

Sound good?

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