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Best Online Advertising Channels

How to Choose the Best Online Advertising Channel For Your Business

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2018)

Are you curious to know the best online advertising channels that actually work?

There are several ways to market your products and services to targeted customers.

The methods you will learn in this article are straightforward, you only really need to choose one or two of these advertising platforms, perform a set of actions, invest your money and you’ll get concrete results.

Recently, the business and marketing landscape has changed. Most of the traditional methods of advertising are not effective in the current market because of it’s complexities.

That’s why it is vital that your brand and business maintain an integrated marketing approacheffective website and strong online presence to be able to reach your targeted audiences.

Since more than 40 percent of the world and 86 percent of the United States is online – it makes sense for companies to spend a significant portion of their marketing budgets on online advertising – something that many big name companies are doing.

Digital marketing channels present new opportunities to market your brand, products, and services. But the problem is, there are many online marketing channels, and it can be tricky to select the best ones for your business.

So, which of the platforms are worthy enough to take your business to the next level?

The answer is not far-fetched; it depends majorly on the type of business you have and the type of customers you are targeting. Not all the online advertising channels will work for your business, so you need to learn, test and measure the results.

As an advertiser, your primary objective is to get maximum returns from your investment in relevant online advertising channels.

Successful online advertising involves more than just signing up for a range of different options and hoping for the best. In order to be successful, you need to find the online advertising channel that’s right for your company.

Online campaigns can be expensive and time-consuming. The best approach is to weigh up your options ahead of time and determine which channels show the most promise. This will save you from wasting resources on methods that aren’t a good fit for your business.

The best form of online advertising depends on a number of variables including what type of company you have, who your target customer is, and what you hope to gain from an advertising campaign. It begins with your specific goals.

Online Advertising Goals

  • Raise awareness
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Get customers in for a sale or promotion
  • Find new customers
  • Enlist more subscribers for your email newsletter

Ultimately, much of your campaign’s success will come down to choosing advertising channels that will be able to help you reach the goals of your marketing campaign. You’ll want to find advertising channels that are worth your time and money… ones that will give you the best return on your investment.

Advertising is an essential building block towards generating more leads for your business.

What You Will Learn About in This Post:

Social Media Advertising Channels
Paid Advertising Channels
Content and Remarketing

Here are the best online marketing channels that will allow you to make the most out of your advertising budget:

1. Social Media Marketing

One of the best things to ever happen to the digital arena is social media as it gives business owners and digital marketers the opportunity to generate brand awareness for all their products and services.

Advertising on social media has been increasing every year because of the benefits that this form of advertising presents, but just like anything else you must strategic and well trained in order to see the benefits.

The best social network for your company will vary depending upon your marketing goals and your target customer. Again, a great strategy is to use a mix of social media networks, but you may want to narrow down your options to one –or two networks when you’re first starting out.

Companies that are selling products to millennials may want to consider investing in Instagram, while B2B companies or those who are offering professional services will be more at home on LinkedIn.

So keep on reading to take a look at the main players in social media, and the type of ads that you can run through each.

Let’s take a look at the top social media platforms to advertise on:

#Facebook: How to advertise on Facebook?

Two things are common to almost all Internet users; they use both search engines and Facebook. As a marketer or as someone that owns a business, one of the things you need to do is funnel people from other sites to your own website.

On Facebook, there are a few ways you can get your business in front of your audience. Facebook advertising presents great lead generation opportunities if you do it the right way.

That’s why it’s important to understand the value of Facebook ads.

Facebook advertising effectiveness depends on your skill, knowledge, and experience. So you can’t just jump in and think it’ll be easy. Knowing this, let’s start with a simple example of how this online advertising channel works.

The main goal of your Facebook ad, starts with your marketing objective

Facebook Marketing Objective

In this case, let’s say our goal is to generate traffic to a landing page. We’ll click through on the Traffic button, and get taken to the advert set.

How to target audience based on interest and location?

Target Audience Facebook

You need a target audience based on interest and location. An outstanding image and description are perfect for highly targeted audiences, but your success also depends on who you are targeting.

However, if you don’t have an audience already defined, you need to target based on interest and location along with demographic options like gender, age, location, etc.

If you know your target audience quite well, it should be easy for you to fill out the demographics.

You must know the kind of people you are targeting before you place an ad.

Facebook Audience Interests

The next thing is the interests. This is an essential part of developing a Facebook ad.

When you click on the interest field, you will get a huge list of interests to choose from, and you can also search for a particular term.

This interest section allows you to target your ideal audience by their interests, hobbies and even the pages they like.

How much should you spend on Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising is competitive, so it takes time and practice to figure out the best way to convert the users into customers or subscribers.

Though advertising on Facebook is cheap, you don’t want to throw your money away on a campaign that will not deliver a good ROI.

Regardless of the Facebook advertising option you choose, you will get a suggested bid range. If your brand is new, start with low-end range. The lower you bid, the fewer impression you will get, but it will help you to understand what people are looking for.

So how much should you spend on Facebook Ads?

Don’t start spending hundreds of dollars per day. You should wait until you are able to craft an effective campaign before you scale up.

Spending $5 per day in the beginning, will help you determine if the ad is worth spending more dollars on. If an ad is not performing well after a few thousand impressions, you need to scrap it.

Let’s look at how you can get the attention of the potential customer

Think about the first thing that can attract you when you see an ad. If you are like 99 percent of people, the first thing that will attract you is the picture.

Facebook Ad Tips

  • The image takes up about 50% of the ad space, so you must use a very attractive bold image. Image affects click through rate a lot, so the imagery is important to your Facebook campaign success.
  • Your Description must be top-notch with a clear call to action
  • Write an attention-grabbing headline that can quickly catch the attention of your potential customers.

Facebook Ad Examples

Here are some great Facebook ad examples

The best performing image contributes to the message of your ad and also helps your ad to stand out.

After your ad image, the next place that reader’s eye goes is the description of your ad. This is where you will put the bulk of your message because you can’t communicate your entire message in the picture. The picture is only there to attract people to your ad.

However, your description must be convincing right from the beginning to get the reader interested enough. Ensure you state the biggest benefits they can get if they click through to your page. For instance, “get a copy of …… for FREE” or “learn how you can get 200% ROI with social media advertising”.

Facebook Advertising Tools

Facebook Ads Manager + Facebook Ads Manager App
WordStream Social
Social Ads Tool
Adroll or Perfect Audience

#Twitter: How to advertise on Twitter?

If you are thinking of advertising on Twitter, you can get more traffic, customers, and revenue with a very small amount of money.

The first thing you need to do is figure out your budget for a Twitter ad campaign. After setting aside the amount of money you are ready to spend on the campaign you’ll need a strategy.

Just like the Facebook ad, you also need to experiment before you start spending more dollars.

Here are the steps you need to take:

Attract new followers

You can create follower campaign to increase the visibility of your account and grow your audience. This type of campaign appears as promoted Tweet.

You can target your audience based on the people they follow, the event they are interested in, their interest, behaviors and even their pets.

Drive website traffic through Twitter

You can use a conversion campaign or website clicks to drive traffic to your site or landing pages. Kick-start the campaign by going to the conversion tracking option under the tools found in the navigation bar and then click Create New Website Tag.

Online Advertising Channel - Conversion Twitter Ad

Name your Tag and choose the type of conversion that suits your campaign. You can select any of Purchase, Site visit, Sign up, custom or download.

After setting up your campaign, Twitter will generate a code you can put on your website to track the conversion. The code will report successful conversions to the Twitter ad so that you can see it in your report.

Twitter Ads

Tracking and measuring your results will help you determine what works and what doesn’t.

From here you can get started with your campaign and truly track your results with a specific Key conversion event.

Creative Campaign Setup Twitter

#Instagram: How to run effective Instagram ads?

Since Instagram was launched, it has grown drastically and can boast of over 400 million visitors monthly. With more than 80 million photos added daily, Instagram captures the world the way we have never seen before.

No wonder Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012. Currently, Instagram offers you sponsored posts, which you can set up in a similar way to Facebook ads.

In fact, brands like Mercedes-Benz, Chobani, and Taco Bell have embraced Instagram ads, and nothing is stopping you from running successful campaigns on the platform.

Here is what you need to do to run successful ads on Instagram:

Make your image central to your Instagram ad campaign

Instagram Ad

Instagram sponsored content.Instagram ads appear similar to regular content, but have “Sponsored” on the right -hand side. Image: Instagram.

Just like a Facebook ad, your image is vital to the success of your Instagram ad. A standout image will attract the attention of more viewers. Use images you specifically take for the Instagram ad.

Use hashtags and keywords

Hashtags are those words or phrases with a # sign. It helps users to sort content according to their interest.

You can add hashtags to make your content or ad appear in specific searches. When a user taps on hashtags on Instagram, it will show every page using the hashtag, so think about where you want your ad to appear.

If you have not been using hashtags, go and edit all your posts now. Use your product, brand and user interest keywords when adding hashtags to your post.

Test your ad campaign

Ads placed on Instagram are not different from ads placed on other social media, so run your test ads and examine the results. Find out whether you get the timing (hour or day) right or not. Try different times of the day so that you can determine the time to run your ad on Instagram.

For your ads to be more effective, you need to tell a story. People love stories and videos. Use the two to engage the users.



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#LinkedIn: How to advertise on LinkedIn effectively?

Unlike Facebook Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn has always been an odd duck. LinkedIn has about 450 million business professionals and offers an outstanding platform for advertisers.

LinkedIn Ads

Sponsored ads on LinkedIn. LinkedIn ads appear off to the side of the page, with the image and text that you choose.

The first thing is to create your company’s page and set your goals. Your goal may be about building brand awareness, generating sales or leads or driving traffic to your website.

Your budget and bidding are important. But also keep it in mind that you can exceed your daily maximum because LinkedIn claimed they don’t have the power to shut your ads after meeting your daily budget. So you can exceed your daily limit by up to 20%.

On LinkedIn, you can bid on a cost per mil (CPM) or cost per click. So, it will make sense to experiment with the two types of bid.

For each campaign, you need to input the maximum amount you are willing to pay. Depending on other bidders, you may pay less than your maximum bid.

Cost per click in LinkedIn means the amount you will pay each time a user clicks on your ad. The minimum CPC bid is $2. If you are used to Facebook low bids, then LinkedIn may shock you.

Linkedin Budget

CPM bidding format on LinkedIn means you will pay after your ad appears 1,000 times across LinkedIn. Regardless of the number of engagement your CPM ad generates, you will only pay after it appears 1,000 times.

Just like CPC, the minimum CPM bid is $2. The headline (25-character), copy , and body (75-character description) of your ad are critical to your success. Your call to action must also be strong to make people understand what you want them to do.

Here’s a more in depth resource on How to advertise on Linkedin


YouTube Ad

The best YouTube ads are the ones that grab your attention, distracting you from clicking the Skip Ad button.

Video is an extremely important form of advertising –and running ad campaigns on video is a great way to reach a captive audience.

YouTube is by far the most popular video social network, and has a huge audience –reaching 81.2 percent of Internet users in the U.S according to comScore. While younger visitors spend more time on the site, the platform also attracted 19.4 million visitors 65 and older –making this network a great place to find your demographic –no matter who they are.

YouTube ads are the videos that appear on the channel before the video. The best YouTube ads are usually short –and attention-grabbing, they make you want to finish them before hitting the “skip ad” button. Like this super-successful ad from Nike:

2. Pay Per Click advertising

Paid search is by far one of the top sources for driving targeted traffic to a website. In fact, pay-per-click (PPC) provides the highest ROI (return on investment) of any type of online advertising. That’s massive when you factor in all of the digital marketing channels available.

Pay per click advertising if done carefully will deliver highly targeted traffic within a very short period. But this method of online advertising is driven by the amount you are willing to invest.Your advertising budget is within your control, so you can determine how much you want to spend per day. The effectiveness of your pay per click ads depends on the keywords you are targeting as well as how convincing your ad copy is.

Before you set up your PPC campaign, ensure you:

  • Find profitable keywords (Generic, branded, related and competitor terms)
  • Add negative keywords (ie cheap, free)
  • Create a targeted landing page that matches your ads messaging
  • Write an attention grabbing headline that has your keywords in it
  • Write an SEO optimized description that includes your Unique Value Proposition
  • Ensure you are optimizing for your Quality Score

Like other online advertising channels, you need to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t before you begin to spend big.

PPC Icon

It's Time to Maximize Your ROI Online!

Let us Help Maximize the Value & Performance of Your Online Marketing Campaigns.

3. Display network

On a daily basis, people visit forums, blogs and other websites that are useful and interesting to them.

You can reach your potential customers by displaying your ads on the third party websites. The ad can be in the form of a banner, box, video, overlay, interactive ad, interstitial ads and other ads that are linked to a website or landing page.

Here’s a rundown on the Display Network from Google:

Display network advertising creates great brand awareness as well as generates targeted traffic that can convert into sales or leads.

Payments for display advertising are usually based on CPM (Cost Per Impression) which is generally cost-effective when you compare it to CPC (Cost Per Click). Most of those ad banners you see on popular websites are called display network advertising.

There are four types of Google Display Network Ads:

Text Based Ads – Contains a headline and two lines of text – similar to a search ad
Image Based Ads – Image ads such as banners and skyscrapers that appear on websites
Rich Media Ads – Animation based that can include interactive elements
Video Ads – Place ads next to Youtube Videos

The Sponsored Content Opportunity

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content appears on widgets on news sites, and other publisher sites.

Sponsored content is another way to get your message out online. With sponsored content, you can ensure that your written content makes it in front of a wider audience.

How does it work? Simple. Companies like Outbrain and Taboola partner with well-known publisher sites, and promote content on widgets on the websites, alongside the articles that the website features.

If your company devotes a significant amount of resources towards producing high-quality blog posts, with a focus on creating evergreen content, you may want to consider sponsored content as a way to get your message out to a wider audience.


Outbrain Ad

Sponsored content by Outbrain.

Outbrain is a content discovery platform that will help you to get your content onto well-known publisher sites around the world –including ABC News, Time Magazine, and Fortune. Well-known companies like General Electric use Outbrain as part of their content marketing strategy.



Sponsored content on The Weather Channel by Taboola.

Taboola is another main player in the sponsored content sphere, having partnerships with well-known publications including USA Today, Tribune, NBC, and Business Insider.

4. Content marketing

Despite many changes we have seen in the digital campaign marketplace, and the changes that we are likely to see in the future, content marketing will remain the major element.

With good content optimized for SEO and your target audience, you’ll generate considerable traffic and improve your Google ranking

Most websites now create a ‘blog section’ on their website. It is not just to provide information to their existing audience, but to drive more traffic to their websites.

Here’s the kicker… most sites also don’t create very good content, leaving you a great opportunity to fill a void in your market for providing massively useful articles that solve your audiences burning questions and problems!

More on Websites: Important website tips

If you don’t have a blog section on your website, it is time you created a blog section and fill it with SEO optimized quality content that relates to your target audiences steps in the buyer’s journey.

Your content can be videos, graphics, text, pdf and other channels such as podcasts and audio formats that engage your audience.

Here’s a simplified content marketing plan:

  • Create a 2000 word, no fluff, article with a specific call to action
  • Generate a tracking code for sharing on social platforms – use or UTM
  • List out all the brands you mentioned and let them know you mentioned them
  • Email your subscribers/ current client’s
  • Create social media posts with CTAs and schedule them – Buffer or Hootsuite
  • Repurpose your post
  • Add to self-syndication sites (Quora, Linkedin, Medium)
  • Learn even more from our content marketing podcast 

5. Remarketing

Remarketing is the way to connect with your website visitors who may have not immediately purchased your product or service. It allows you to position targeted ads right in front of an audience that had previously seen your ads.

Remarketing can be annoying if not well managed because most of the people who have purchased your products will still see the ads.

So, how can you do remarketing effectively?

Create the list of actions taken by the visitors to your website and determine actions you want to create ads for.

I recently clicked on a Facebook ad, but on getting to the checkout page, the shipping fee was way too high, and I abandoned it. That is exactly why most visitors don’t buy a lot of products.

People also abandon purchases because they were not ready to buy the product or the product is too pricey, and they want to compare prices.

Let them know what they are missing by not purchasing the product. Offer them something free in addition to the product and see how a lot of them will grab the opportunity.

This is a great way to create display ads that work. With remarketing, previous visitors or users can see your ads –even after they leave your website, as they browse the net through online display ads, or when they use apps. The great thing about remarketing is that it’s relevant advertising. It allows you to reach potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer –increasing response rates.

Online Advertising Channels Conclusion

As you can see, there are a number of ways to advertise online –but choosing the best ones for your company and campaign is important. It’s worth investing some time into researching the different options to see which traffic generation strategies fit your company best.

Although each of the online advertising channels has their strengths and weaknesses, you should be able to leverage their strengths and gain a competitive advantage over your competition.

And while SEO is a great long-term strategy for drawing in traffic, PPC and these online advertising channels can accelerate your results, and when done properly, can be extremely effective in bringing relevant traffic in a faster and predictable manner.

By taking the time to identify what you hope to get out of your campaign, and choosing the channels that will help you to reach your goals, you’ll be able to get the best return on your investment –and start reaping the rewards of online advertising.


Key Takeaways for Choosing Your Best Online Advertising Channel


Stick to one channel and master it, create strategies and be obsessed with it till you dominate your field. Then look at adding more online advertising channels that will help you 10x your results!


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