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Bellingham SEO

As a local business owner, you should understand the importance of SEO, but do you?

Why SEO In Bellingham Is Important For Your Business 

Local SEO can be just as effective as typical SEO strategies and even more beneficial for businesses like yours. With a Bellingham SEO strategy, you won’t just be attracting customers to your site, you'll connect your online profile to your offline company. As such, you will be able to increase foot traffic to your business and reach greater sales numbers.

Bellingham SEO

If you know anything about marketing online, you’re probably aware of the importance of Bellingham SEO. With a great SEO service you should agree that you can put your business on the map. By doing this, you will be able to attract new customers to your business website and you’re generating fresh prospects.. However, small businesses looking for local customers need to look at local forms of SEO.


76% of local searches result in a phone call. Are you tracking your local phone calls?


78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases. Make sure you have your business optimized for your audience. 


93% of internet users begin their journey on the web with a search engine such as Google, and that is just one of the reasons why you should be investing in SEO services in Bellingham.

Grow With Local Bellingham SEO

With Bellingham SEO services, you can make sure that you put your business on the map. That’s exactly what you want. You want to see your business potential and your marketing reach grow and this can happen with a Bellingham SEO campaign.

Why Has Local SEO Become So Important?

Why has local SEO become so important recently? Well, 64 percent of customers now use online search engines to find local businesses. Essentially, this means that having your name in the paper or the phone book isn’t enough anymore. If you want to get the majority of the market, you need to be working on the online presence.

More people are also searching for online local companies too which is great news. It shows that people are aware you can use the net to find more than a company shipping from out of town. You can find a business that is just down the street. And they will find yours, as long as you’re using the right SEO techniques.

But here’s where things get really interesting. Local SEO isn’t like other forms of optimization. When you use local SEO you can attract customers who are targeted and who will be interested in your products or services. You can appeal directly to consumers that you know are going to want to buy.

Due to this, you can avoid the hit and miss approach to marketing that SEO often includes. We can help you do this and expand your business potential with a precision based marketing campaign. Everything that we do to promote your business will be focused on consumers who we know are going to want to buy from your company. This will include everything, including all the content that you release on your business site and across your online profile.

We’d like to talk about the impact local SEO can have on your business growth in more detail. But we’ll come back to that because right now we want to tell you the key benefits of SEO.

What's Your SEO Score?

6 Main Benefits Of SEO

You might be wondering about the key benefits of a local SEO campaign for your website and your company. What type of impact will it have on your business brand? Is it more effective than the typical forms of SEO and online marketing. We can certainly answer these questions for you.

Reputation Building

Crushing the Competition

Managing Multiple Listings

Mobile Benefits

Spreading Your Word

Local SEO on-site

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Building A Reputation

One of the key benefits of local SEO is that it will allow your company to build up a reputation as a local business leader. We can help you do this by releasing and promoting content related to Bellingham. We can help you release content based around local trends and even in conjunction with local laws if necessary.

By doing this, your business site and your online profile quickly become key sources of information for customers. As such, they might bookmark your site and take special interest in your business brand. This is just one of the ways local SEO could benefit your company and lead to greater levels of success with bringing in new customers.

We can also think about using customers to your advantage. It’s possible, once you have a loyal group of customers to convert them into people who will promote and publicize your business, products and services. This is something our SEO experts in Bellingham always aim for. Evidence has shown that customers are more likely to trust other buyers when compared with the promises of a faceless corporation. This is why it’s in your best interest to get at least some customers working on your behalf and we can do this for you.

Competition, What Competition?

Here is another cool stat for you to seek your teeth into. Only 44 percent of local retail businesses have claimed their spot on local Google listings. Now, if you don’t know, Google listings are basically the online equivalent of a phonebook. They have the address, number and opening times of a company.

This is one of the key aspects of a local SEO campaign. The fact that very few businesses are using it shows that many companies still aren’t employing local SEO techniques. But that’s good news for small business like yours. It means that with the proper SEO strategy you can make sure that you are ahead of a lot of the competition online.

Of course, there will definitely be some businesses that are using SEO and are directly appealing to your customers. We can help you beat these businesses at their own game. With a full local SEO campaign, we can make sure when a customer searches for a nearby store selling your products, they find your business.

Managing Multiple Listings

When you are marketing online you want to create the largest platform possible. We’re sure you’ll agree this is true even if your company is quite small. That’s why you need to think about using multiple listings for your business. By appearing on multiple listings you generate the most attention from the highest number of customers, but there’s a problem.

Most businesses don’t have the time to handle all these different platforms. As well as this, keeping everything up to date can be nothing short of a nightmare. If any information on your local business is out of date it has two effects. First, it makes your company look poorly managed and second, it means that you might miss out on sales because they don’t know how to find your business.

The solution is to work with our SEO agency in Bellingham. We can set up and manage these listings for you, ensuring that information is kept up to date and accurate. We would like to look into listings in more details with you, but for now, we want to move on to the key source of SEO.

We're Going Mobile

You might be aware that over 60% of searches online are going to be on mobile devices this year. We suspect the percentage is greater for people looking for local companies for one key reason. A lot of customers looking locally will already be out on the go. If you want to attract customers searching on their mobiles, local SEO Bellingham is the way to do it.

With our Bellingham SEO services, we use tools and resources like Google Business. These have been recently optimized to ensure you get the highest number of customers operating mobile devices. If you don’t use local SEO you could miss out a huge slice of the mobile market.

Spreading The Word

Any business owner should know the importance of customer reviews online. If you are running a local company you can use the opinions of local customers to boost the reputation of your business online. One of the greatest parts about local SEO is that it uses platforms that encourage customers engagement and interaction.

We’ll make sure that all your reviews are monitored and that you respond as a company in the right way. We will also ensure that your listings are written in a way to encourage customers to boost reviews. It’s important to remember that just over seventy percent of local customers trust online reviews.

Bellingham SEO

You might be under the impression that typical forms of SEO aren’t important when you’re running a local marketing campaign. Don’t worry, we’ve worked with a lot of business owners who felt the same. But actually if you don’t optimize your site, you’re going to be missing out on a great chance to expand your audience.

We can optimize your site in a way that is centralized around a localised market. Basically, we’ll use regional keywords that match up with your area in Bellingham. Or, depending on your business reach, the state of Washington. But rather than just adding keywords we will also build content around the location as well.

Content will be region specific on your website, and this is how to make sure that you get interest from the right customers. There are plenty of sites online that are visited by people who would never be a customer because they are in the wrong location. You need to make sure the right people are finding your site online, and we can help. Before we talk about how, let’s think about another benefit of local SEO.

Are You Ready To Rank Locally?

If you are interested in Bellingham SEO services, contact our team today. We will be more than happy to discuss a local marketing plan with you. First we will assess who your target customers are. After this, we will work to build a local SEO campaign around these individuals.

With Bellingham SEO we know that it’s about sending the right message and attracting the highest level of attention. Remember, that over 93 percent of online uses start with an internet search. So, it’s crucial that you start off on the right footing and ensure a massive group of users find your business. Then, you can start thinking about converting them into customers.

Grow your business online through expert local SEO.

Frequently Asked Local SEO Questions

  • Difference Between Local and Organic?
  • How Many Locations Do You Target?
  • What Contributes To Local SEO?
  • How Important Are Citations?
  • How Do I Place My Business On The Google Map Pack?

Aside from the Organic and specific Local SEO factors, businesses are displayed in the Google Map pack based on the location of the business and the searcher, data in Google Maps and Google My Business and number of citations pointing to the business and its location among other things.

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Choose Success With A Bellingham SEO Approach

If you’re looking for a local SEO service, you need to think about selecting the best team for your company. You want to make sure that they can make you a hit in your local area of Bellingham.

We can help you here by delivering expert local SEO services. With a Bellingham SEO approach, we’ll make sure that your company is on the map and attracts interest from a wide group of customers. We’ll also make sure that these customers are targeted and available to access your business on and offline.

You might be worried about not seeing the results from a local SEO campaign. Perhaps, you have dealt with companies that have failed to live up to their promises in the past. There are certainly a lot of businesses that do not understand the best ways to use local SEO to make an impact.

We are not one of these companies. Our business will strive to ensure that you get great levels of foot traffic thanks to local SEO. As well as this, we want to make sure that you build up a local brand name online. Once you have a trusted built brand, you will always be able to find a buying population for your products and services online.

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Gold Mind Digital offers seamless, well-researched options for businesses. In our case, we needed to elevate our online presence, and gain exposure in new markets. GMD implemented improvements to our website, online searchability, SEO, and a successful PPC campaign. As a small-business owner, it is imperative to work with a company that it is up-to-date on latest trends and technologies.

The GMD team provides worry-free and professional services while remaining completely approachable. Matt from GMD regularly gives updates over the phone and sends reports on the work being done, while discussing next steps. They are knowledgeable, savvy and so easy to work with.

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