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9 Ways to Boost Your Search Engine Presence With Integrated Marketing

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2017)

Integrated Marketing, SEO, and Your Marketing Funnel

Could your SEO use a boost? We’re sharing how integrated marketing transforms your sales process and marketing funnel in order to boost your SERPs.

Today, being in business has never been more challenging. Perfecting your sales process, finding the right blueprint to send solid leads into your marketing funnel, and boosting your search engine presence are all areas that need your constant attention and focus.

But, if you find the right strategies to meet these challenges, the rewards can not only be impressive; they can be truly transformative.

Integrated Marketing and Your Sales Process

Integrated marketing is the latest, greatest business marketing trend, and it’s here to stay.

Businesses across every platform are increasingly recognizing the need for a seamless, multidimensional brand experience for customers at every stage of the sales process.

And creating a consistent marketing communications strategy isn’t just good business sense, it can add a serious boost to your SEO while sending interested potential leads into your marketing funnel.

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Have you ever wondered what all great brands who lead the way in SEO have in common?

The answer is integrated marketing.

All great brands have a strong, focused, singular message that they continuously run across all their marketing efforts. Every day, in every way, they communicate that consistent message in every marketing action, and in doing so they lay the foundation for better relationships with their customers.

Now for the good news. You and your business can do the same.

Integrated marketing is a creative and cost-effective way to transform your sales process and enhance your marketing funnel.

Interested to find out more?

Read on. We’ve got quite the scoop for you.

Why Opt for Integrated Marketing?

In the last few years, the world of SEO has been changing. And, as a consequence, all businesses are now offered two contrasting options: Adapt to those changes or risk fading into online oblivion.

In reality, there isn’t really a choice at all. If your business is to succeed, and if you are to appear high up in the Search Engine Results, marketing integration is no longer an option; it’s a necessity.

When you adopt an integrated marketing strategy, you are essentially embracing the following things:

  • You get really clear about what your overall message will be. What is your business story? Why do you exist? What do you stand for?
  • You unify that story into one core message that your target audience will embrace. From here, all your marketing efforts will complement and reinforce that message
  • When you repeat this message in a cohesive and consistent way, you will promote an increasing awareness of your brand within your target market
  • Your audience will get to know you and you will get to know them. They will start to interact. And so, the sales process begin
  • As you’re creating a consistent brand experience, you are laying the foundation for better customer relationships. This is essential if you are to attract high volume leads into your marketing funnel.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how you can use integrated marketing to boost your SEO.

9 Ways to Boost Your Search Engine Presence With Integrated Marketing

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1. Social Media 

In terms of boosting your search engine presence, it doesn’t get any more important than focusing on your Social Media platforms.

Today, Social Media dominates our lives and this offers your business a profound opportunity to connect with your target market. Building a relationship with your audience begins with every Tweet, every Facebook Status, and every Instagram post.

The days of blasting out typical sales messages are over. You have got to connect with your audience, and you have got to connect consistently. Social Media offers you the perfect platform to do this.

2. Be Visual 

Did you know that currently, Facebook is getting more views per day than Youtube?

This is instructive for many reasons, but for your sales process, it reveals an important message.

As people, we embrace the visual, and increasingly, the most valued and shared content online comes in visual form.

The lesson here? Go visual whenever you can.

3. Backlinks

One of the best ways to improve your organic ranking on the search engines is to acquire high-quality backlinks from trusted sources.

Backlinks will do the following:

  • Improve your visibility online
  • Attract more leads into your marketing funnel
  • Help your business to be seen as an authority in its niche.

4. Content 

The content you provide on your website, and in your blogs is speaking for you. The question is, what is it saying?

Your content must be consistent, high-quality and it must always complement your marketing message at all times.

You can boost your brand by blogging. And, you can boost your search engine presence too with an effective content marketing strategy.

5. Sales Promotions

Incentives, when in line with your message, are an important aspect of the sales process. And, you can offer them on every online platform.

Nothing gets people talking quicker on Social Media than special discounts, trial offers, and other limited-time promotions. And, if people are talking and spreading your message for you, this boosts your SEO.

6. Local Search Marketing

One of the most cost-effective ways to drive people towards your marketing funnel, your website, and to your physical store, is to get listed in your local search options on Google.

Will you receive reviews? Yes. Should you be afraid of reviews? Of course not!

7. Mobile-First

Having a responsive web design is now absolutely fundamental if you are going to reach as many people as possible.


Because Google is now starting to use the mobile version of your site’s content to rank pages for its search engine.

Enough said?

8. Engage With Customers

Social media allows you to actively engage with your customers, and, in terms of the sales process, this is important.

When communicating with your customers, your message should always be on point. Ensure that you address their comments, answer their questions, and listen carefully to their feedback.

This is integrated marketing in a social arena. It creates happy customers, and a happy customer spreads your message for you.

9. Email

Email is a marketing channel that you can use to boost your search engine presence.

With email you can do the following:

  • You can build customer lists from each of your online platforms
  • These lists can then correlate to each aspect of your sales process
  • They can also reflect various parts of your marketing funnel
  • You can target each list precisely based on what stage of the cycle they’re in.
  • You can actively engage with your target market, and you can boost your SEO in the process.

Integrated Marketing and SEO

So, there you have it.

As you can see, you can seriously boost your search engine presence with an integrated marketing approach.

The question is, will you?

Need any advice or have a question? Get in touch. We’d love to help!

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