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4 Steps to an Effective Integrated Marketing Strategy for Signage Companies

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2017)

Here are 4 steps to a simple yet effective integrated marketing strategy for Signage Companies

Whether we are in a recession, depression or strong economy, small business owners need signs to promote their business or product. Quality signage is one part of your offline arsenal that not only helps you get found but it also builds brand trust and recognition.

Now I want to show you how you can track your results and create higher converting offline to online lead generation activities with Integrated Marketing.

It all starts with promoting your service or product.

Get it in front of the right audience and see what happens right?  

No… there are so many ways to advertise offline that it’s hard to track your return on investment nevermind automate the process.

So what do you do?

For every campaign you run you’ll want to keep your messaging consistent and on point with your target audience, ( yeah yeah I already knew that) but each campaign must also have:

  1. A landing page with an easy to type URL
  2. Custom Phone Number
  3. BANT information
  4. Automation

Here’s why:

Step 1: A Landing Page, an essential component of an integrated marketing strategy

A landing page in a nutshell is a website page with a direct purpose to capture lead information from a dedicated campaign which therefore allows you to take your new leads through a sales funnel.

Make sure your landing page has a direct purpose and a clear offer: “Multiple offers can decrease conversions by 266%”

Example: If you were in the signage industry and noticed a trend in vehicle wraps you would want to send traffic to a dedicated page in order to capture interested leads

Landing Page Example:


Step 2: Custom Phone Number

A custom phone number for your campaign helps you save time by quickly understanding where traffic is coming from. This means you can differentiate your general website traffic from your campaign traffic.

This way you can have your signage reflect the number and attach it to a specific campaign.


Step 3: BANT Information

It’s important to qualify your prospects to make sure you are dealing with the leads you actually want! Do this by understanding their budget, authority, needs and timeline.

Learn more here : Online Funnels

Now in order to get a prospect’s information provide value on your offer ( ie. consultation, how to guides, reports etc) Remember you can nourish the leads that aren’t quite ready yet.

Great I got this down, what happens after I get their information?

Step 4: Automation

Your integrated marketing strategy needs… automation the hero of time saving…

Getting leads and your message out is important for small businesses. That’s why it’s important to automate your process.

This sounds cool but what is marketing automation exactly?

It generally refers to automating marketing actions that are repetitive such as email campaigns, website activities and website actions. With proper top of the funnel lead generation activities automation increases the ability to nurture leads efficiently  

Now going back to the example we’d want to use automation to perform the following:

  • A form submission email update
  • Lead Scoring
  • Email Sequence
  • Website tracking – page visits


This allows you to gain more time working on other aspects of your business while being alerted on new leads and understanding where they are in your own sales cycle.

So go ahead and hand those cards out, because if your goal is specific and targeted you can tailor your whole approach to be more integrated and ROI driven!

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In the end you want to have an integrated website system to maximize your online presence.

So ask yourself if you’re being as effective as you can be with your offline to online activities?

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